You Need to Know, These Are the Characteristics of AC Less Freon That Often Occurs

What are the characteristics of less freon air conditioning or run out? For air conditioner machine users who still lay, sometimes they do not realize that the air conditioner he uses turns out that the pressure of the freon is less or even running out. As we all know, cooling machines, especially Air Conditioners to work cooling the room need materials, namely refrigerants or what we often do freon. Freon is in the form of gas, which can be reduced or exhausted if we are not really careful in installing AC. For example, we do not connect the pipe perfectly, resulting in AC leaking. If there is a leaky pipe connection, of course, the pressure of the freon will gradually decrease or even run out. and if it’s like that, we have to check the aircon service or look for leaks of the freon.

So, if it is reduced and the lack is not too much, it is natural, because the freon is in the form of gas and Split AC is using a pipe connection such as a cell. But if it runs out, it can be ascertained that there is a leak either in the installation pipe or the AC unit directly. Actually, there are many ways to find out if the AC freon pressure is reduced or not, one of them can use a tool called a gauge manifold to check the pressure. However, not everyone has these tools, therefore through this short article, I want to share the characteristics of less freon air conditioners. If your air conditioner is suddenly not cold, then you see in the small pipe section there is the freezing of ice flowers, it could be that the AC is lacking in freon gas. I like that, of course, it will cause the AC to become less cold or not even cold. Another case if this happens in the refrigerator, if there is an ice flower in the refrigerator, it means the fridge is good. Usually, things often happen and are often seen in a 1-door refrigerator, where the evaporator is outside and visible.