Use This Technique When Skipping

Skipping is a general sport that you often meet in various places. You can even do it at home with the right skipping rope. Get the best crossfit skipping jump ropes for beginners so that your skipping price can run optimally and provide optimal results for your own body. In addition, skipping is indeed believed to be able to lose weight and accelerate height growth,

However, to do the right skipping exercise, there are several techniques you must do. Some of the correct skipping techniques and you should know as a whole are

– First of all, before doing this activity you need to prepare this tool (skipping) with your height, the length of the rope is adjusted also when you jump.

Hold the rope handle/end of the rope on each side of the hand, position your upper arm tightly with your body and your elbow parallel to your waist. Stand with your feet slightly tilted and your knees slightly bent. Try to the torso and keep your head upright but still relaxed, straightforward.

Place the skipping rope on the back of the body before starting to jump, this position is also called the prefix position.
Move your wrist together to rotate the rope.

Try your body to jump and let the rope pass through your bottom when it touches the floor. Don’t get too high when jumping with a maximum jump of just 2.5 cm from the floor. Keep your feet in tiptoes when landing, don’t let your heels fall first. And if your jump fails, or the rope wraps around your legs, practice by walking in a place while turning the rope.

– Avoid doing too high jumps and landing with the wrong foot (heel first) landing with this heel is at risk of causing injury to your knees as well as your ankles, landing with your knees straight.
If indeed you should do this jump rope with shoes that have non-hard foot pads.