Things to do after making a support for your curtain

After the support is firmly installed, the next step is to install the curtain cloth. Door curtain fabric should be installed in a rather high position so as to create the impression of a wider room. This is important to do, especially if the room is narrow in size. Hanging the door curtain is too short, including an error in installing the door curtain. Make sure you also put the lights near the curtains as lighting. Aside from that, visit to find a guide for buying high-quality blinds.

Hanging the door curtain in the correct position

The position of hanging door curtains must also be considered. Door curtains should be hung halfway between the top of the door and the ceiling or higher. The right place for the installation of iron rod curtains is under the sky. By installing the door curtain higher it will create a visualization of the room that looks taller and wider. It doesn’t matter if it has to exceed the upper door frame.

Check neatness and cleanliness of door curtains

Before actually installing the door curtain fabric to the support, the last step in installing the door curtain is to check again whether the curtain is neat or not. If it is still wrinkled or dirty, you can clean and tidy it up before installing it.

You also need to be careful and careful because not all curtain fabrics can be ironed so you have to be careful to install door curtains with certain types of fabric.