The basic things about speeches that you must know

Speech is a speech with a good arrangement to be conveyed to many people. Examples of speeches are national famous speeches, big-day speeches, encouraging speeches, event or speech speeches, and so on.

A good speech can give a positive impression to the people who hear the speech. The ability to speak or speak well in public/public can help to achieve a good career path.

Purpose of Speech

Speeches generally do one or more of the following:
1. Affect other people to be willing to follow our wishes voluntarily.
2. Give an understanding or information to others.
3. Make other people happy with entertaining speeches so that other people are happy and satisfied with what we say.

Types / Types / Characteristics of Speech

Based on the nature of the content of the speech, speech can be divided into:

1. Opening Speech is a short speech delivered by an event reader or emcee.

2. The briefing speech is to refer to a meeting.

3. Speech Greetings, which is a speech delivered at a certain event or event that can be carried out by several people with limited time alternately.

4. Inauguration Speech is a speech made by influential people to formalize something.

5. Speech Reports, namely speeches whose contents are reporting a task or activity.

6. Responsibility Speech is a speech that contains an accountability report.

Speech Preparation

Before giving a speech in public, it’s good to make the following preparations:

1. General speech audience insight.
2. Knowing the length of time or duration of the speech to be delivered.
3. Arrange words that are easy to understand and understand.
4. Know the type of speech and theme of the event.
5. Preparing speech materials and equipment, etc.

Speech Arrangement Framework

A good speech arrangement scheme:

1. Opening with opening greetings.
2. An introduction that describes the contents a little.
3. Systematic content or speech material: purpose, goals, objectives, plans, steps, etc.
4. Closing (conclusions, hopes, messages, closing greetings, etc.).