A couple of tips for maintaining the AC in your room

Here are the ways that we can do so that the air conditioner remains durable and works well which we will share with you. Meanwhile, you can go to airconservicingsingapore.com/ whenever you must repair your AC quickly by professionals.


Don’t set the AC temperature above 22 degrees Celsius too often

By setting the AC temperature below 22 degrees, this will make the AC engine work extra continuously and make it wasteful of energy. The AC components will be forced to work hard every time which will eventually make it break faster.

It should be understood that the main function of the air conditioner is the room temperature regulator. The ideal and comfortable room temperature actually ranges from 25 degrees. Therefore it is not necessary to set the AC to a temperature that is too cold, let alone tuned to a temperature of 16-17 degrees.

Good room design for air conditioning

The design of the room where the air conditioner is placed will also affect the performance of the air conditioner. The number of openings found in the room, for example, windows and air vents will affect the work of the air conditioner. The placement of an indoor AC machine with an outdoor engine that is too far away also has an effect.