What Interviewer Asses During the Job Interview Process

Finding the best job and in accordance with passion is very important because we spend at least 9 hours a day doing work. Not to mention the added trip to and from work, for you, an office worker. For that, the work we do must be fun so that all the pressure faced will turn out to be an exciting challenge to get run. Are you planning to find a new job that suits your passion? What did you know about jobcentre centre online? Have you ever used that service for the online job application?

There are several steps that you have to go through, including making an attractive CV for the company, interviewing the process, and showing your abilities at the job interview test. Many articles that discuss about making a CV, actually you only need a simple CV maximum of 2 pages with clear, complete and solid content with the latest information from you.

Some things were very decisive during the interview, some applicants failed the interview process because of some mistakes that were accidentally done. Then what is the assessment of HRD during job interviews? Check out more! There are several things that are assessed during a job interview, such as:

1. Competence
Competence is seen from the education taken, work experience if there is and the skills possessed. Do the educational background and work experience match the qualifications that are required? If yes, then your opportunity will be more open.

2. Character
The character of a person really determines whether someone is worthy of being accepted into a company or not. For this character and personality, the assessment will be carried out in accordance with the desired position.

3. Attitude
When conducting interviews, a polite, and friendly attitude is also a separate assessment. Each interviewer will see every gesture you do, so it is better if you maintain your behavior and are open to all possibilities. Never forget this point in the list of things assessed during a job interview.