Characteristics of Scoliosis in Children and Adults

Scoliosis in children usually appears between the ages of 8-10 years. The characteristics of scoliosis in children can be different, even some children with scoliosis may not show any traits. These characteristics can be more clearly seen along with the growth of children. Meanwhile, you may go to the reputable chiropractor santa monica if you need a trusted and affordable chiropractor’s service.

The following are characteristics of a child with scoliosis:

Both shoulders are of equal height.
One child’s hip looks taller than the other.
His head looks not in the middle of the body.
The child’s ribs were pushed out.
When the child is standing, his arms do not hang right next to his body.
When the child bends forward, both sides of his back have different heights.

In addition to childhood, scoliosis can also appear in adolescence to adulthood. As we get older, wear can damage bones and joints in the spine. This makes the disc between the spine begin to break. The bone disc then loses altitude and begins to tilt, causing your spine to become curved.

The characteristics of scoliosis in adults are:

One shoulder and/or hip is higher than the other.
Pain, numbness, and weakness in the legs.
There is a change in gait because the hip is not parallel. This can cause the muscles to get tired faster.
It’s hard to stand up straight.
Shortness of breath, because curved bones can suppress the space available for the lungs and make breathing more difficult.
Chest pain, curved bones can also suppress the heart so that it can inhibit the heart’s work in pumping blood throughout the body.
Height decreases, because the bones are curved and cannot be erect.
The presence of bone spurs, where bones meet each other in the spinal joint due to damage to bones and joints.
Feel full quickly, due to the curvature of the spine that presses the stomach.