The Clean Toilet: What to Consider and Get to Know

If you ask about the importance of servicios generales, then you can read this article first. There are still many who are not aware of the importance of clean toilets. Even though the toilet spreads germs. The toilet must not only be clean, but hygienic. Here are the standard clean toilets, especially those commonly used by the public:


Clean water

The existence of a toilet is certainly not separated from the water. Clean water is the main thing that must be available in the toilet. In a number of public toilets, often found toilets with non-flowing water. The toilet can get dirty and smell bad if it lacks clean water.

Enough air and light

Lack of air can cause bacteria to multiply easily, especially if you add a toilet with less lighting. Well, damp and lack of light can also create fungal growth in the toilet. He said, it was better for the bathroom door to hang 20 cm from the floor. This can also make it easier for officers to clean.

Trash can

The trash can is an important part that must be inside or outside the toilet. Inside the toilet, there must be a closed trash can to dispose of tissue and special bins for sanitary napkins.

Hand washing facilities

The toilet must also provide a handwashing place with soap. The behavior of hand washing with soap must be accustomed after using the toilet to remove germs and bacteria in the hand. Water taps should also use hand sensors. The hand is the chain of disease. Abroad there, the architect was asked to design a toilet without touching the hand.

Facilities for the elderly and people with disabilities

There needs to be special toilets for elderly people, persons with disabilities and children. For persons with disabilities it is better to use sliding doors so that they are easier to open. Inside the toilet is also provided with handrails.

Save water

The total clean water on the earth is only 3 percent. Humans can lack water. For this reason, environmentally friendly sanitation is now being developed. A toilet without a bathtub is considered to save more water than someone has to take water with a dipper.