Pay attention to these four tips to successfully use architectural services

In designing a house or building, many people entrust it to the right architect. Because designing a house is not an easy thing because you have to understand the plans and various things in it. So, the right architect service is what you need. Visit to get architects who are reliable and professional and of course can design your house appropriately and comfortably.

However, when using the services of architects, there are some tips that you should pay attention to. Some of these tips will help you in using the services of the architect.

1. Location survey
Before the plan to design a house, architects need to conduct a location survey. This is useful to provide a descriptive description of the design later on the environment.
The survey is not enough just once, so this process can run longer. Regarding this location, the architect will carry out routine reviews during the renovation process. At least, this process takes 2 to 3 weeks.

2. Design concept proposal
After the survey has been conducted and consult with you, the architect will usually submit a design concept and the price of the design. Usually, they will submit a picture of the concept of division of space and facade (visible) only.
This design proposal is still very likely to be revised or deepened again. In this process, you can request a space form offer or material application that represents your needs and tastes.
In this process, proposals and design concepts are usually submitted 1-2 weeks after phase two.

3. Work contract
When you and the architect agree on the design concept and design price, the next step is to make a work contract. The contract contains an agreement about payment and a list of images that are the obligation of the architect.
The contract states your rights during construction until the handover is key. However, in order to avoid mistakes, read this contract more thoroughly.

4. Design process
This design process usually takes 2-4 weeks, depending on how many revisions there are. The case that often happens is the architect must change the concept because of the desire of the owner of the house changes.

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