Are Apartment And Condo Different?

So, what is the difference between a condo and an apartment? Isn’t the two dwellings the same, namely vertical housing? You must first know that before choosing the Antares .

From the origin of the language, the condominium itself is from the English word, the condominium. This word is a combination of Latin, namely con – together or joined, and dominium – ownership or control. Now, do you have the reasons to choose the Antares?

Literally, condominiums mean more in terms of building ownership or building use rights. Whereas apartments are dwellings that have vertical building models such as flats. Why do you have an interest in selecting the Antares?

Talking more about the condo and the Antares, you will like to also know this. So, the main difference is in the emphasis. Condos are more of a building right, while apartments refer to the building’s physicality. As for property activists, the basic difference between condominiums and apartments is in residential ownership.

According to them, condominiums are apartments that are sold to be owned by each occupant. The owner has the right to use, rent, and sell to others.

Meanwhile, the apartment refers to vertical occupancy which is leased by the owner to another person. The occupant has the right to stay but does not have the right to rent, let alone sell it to others.

However, now the difference in the location of the two is increasingly ambiguous because there are now many apartments that can be owned. What’s more, now there are terms of rent and service apartments.

Serviced apartments, namely residential units that are rented along with daily services or daily services such as hotels. Meanwhile, rental apartments are only residential units that are rented without including daily service. If you already know the difference between apartment and condo, then will you determine the condo as your housing option?